Kitchen Repose


Kitchen Repose is a meal delivery service with a simple goal: to help others lead a healthy, happy, and balanced lifestyle.

Carnie Datres, the founder and owner of Kitchen Repose, was seeking a rebrand that could encapsulate new service offerings upon moving into a commercial kitchen space. Carnie felt like she had outgrown her old brand, Shop, Chop & Bowl, and craved to see what else she could offer her customers and grow her business.

For five years, Carnie maintained a steady operation through her meal delivery service, but was limited in scale due to regulatory health constraints as a result of operating from a secondary kitchen in her home. Now, Carnie and her team are running out of a bright and fresh commercial kitchen space that will be home to a number of new services.

With growth in mind, Carnie reached out to us about a brand overhaul. Originally, Carnie created SC&B; to market her meal delivery service only. With the new kitchen space, we needed to create a brand that would fit for a handful of new in-person services, such as meal prep programs, cooking classes, and guest chef events, while maintaining the brand's ability to speak to the original meal delivery customers.


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We placed a heavy focus on the customer experience, and determined ways the business model could be optimized.

Knowing that Kitchen Repose would soon be servicing more customers, we placed a heavy focus on the customer experience, and determined ways the business model could be improved and optimized to make room for the creation of new revenue streams.

After many heart-felt talks, we knew that the brand would need to come from a very personal place. Kitchen Repose is the result of countless hours discussing the future and putting together a real understanding of who Carnie is and where she wants to go in her life.



The recurring theme we kept circling back to during workshops was the idea of bringing peace and balance back into customers’ lives through each component of the business. The word “repose” means: the act of resting or the state of being at rest, freedom from worry: peace of mind, and calmness; tranquility. When Carnie heard the word, she knew it captured her vision for the brand perfectly. It was one of those gut-feeling moments for her, and that’s when we moved forward with the name Kitchen Repose.



With time and sustainability in mind, we wanted to rethink some of the existing packaging. Previously, meal container lids were labeled with the name, instructions and nutrition information using large sticky labels. Meals are now only labeled by name on the front side of the container so they can be recognized easily when stacked in the fridge. Menu cards are also stuck inside the pocket of the insulated black tote bags that the meals are delivered in. The menu cards provide complete information for dinner meals and Kitchen Repose’s full-day meal-prep program called Simple Solutions. On the reverse side, general business information is listed so customers can learn more about the brand.



The responsive identity system allows for the creation of multiple collateral items for this very tactile and physical brand. As Kitchen Repose continues to grow, so to will the need for touchpoint design and a cohesive experience across all user interactions.


Website Design & Development

We knew the website was going to be the most pivotal asset for creating an easy, user-friendly, and seamless customer experience. We wanted to make sure users would have a simple way to select meals to order, submit payment and receive confirmation, and then find their meals placed on their doorstep on delivery days.

On the back end, we took time to automate the process of populating order sheets with customer data in order to simplify the need for calculating food quantities, organizing orders with their respective customers, and creating delivery routes.

On top of that, the website serves as a place to communicate the core beliefs and overall philosophy behind the brand. Readers can take the time to learn more about Kitchen Repose, its offerings, newest updates, and find the latest delivery menu.

The Results

After relaunching as Kitchen Repose, Carnie observed a dramatic increase in brand awareness and the number of meal delivery sales and inquiries for workshops and events. Additionally, our metrics show continued support for the brand with new email list signups, social media follows, increased website traffic, and inquiries about partnerships and speaking events.

Looking forward, Carnie has many ideas for the future of Kitchen Repose, and she loves being able to work out of her new kitchen space every day and find the inspiration and creativity she needs to continue making waves in Williamsport and beyond.




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