A Growth Company

We team up with brands that are using business as a force for good. We’re on a mission to make a positive impact by helping like-minded leaders navigate their path and reach their vision.

UpRoute Team

Fueling Your Journey

We're a team of strategists, marketers, creatives, designers, and developers who drive growth by integrating several key elements of a brand.

We seek to partner with individuals that share our brand-first mentality, valuing sustainable growth over fast gains. Our mission is to fuel great companies through successful planning and exceptional follow through.

We do our best work with founders, leaders, and executive teams who are open-minded, curious, eager to grow, and ready to take their brand to the next level. We love a good challenge and are energized by finding solutions to the toughest problems and realizing the highest-potential opportunities.

For A Better World

We believe the most effective way to achieve our vision is to help others achieve theirs. By helping great brands grow, we ensure that good spreads its way out into the world and impacts more people than we could on our own.

Beliefs That Guide Us


Forward, Far & Together

It’s a lot easier to make progress when you work as a group. We believe collaboration and a unified team effort is the best way to ensure we’ll all make it to our destination. As the saying goes, “if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”


Lasting Friendships

We aren't looking to grow companies with just anyone… we want to grow companies and have a blast while doing it. Our goal is to serve others while enjoying the journey with our partners along the way. We value deep relationships that transcend our business engagements.


Go Slow To Go Fast

Direction is typically far more important than speed. We encourage business leaders to take a step back, re-analyze the path forward, weigh the options, and make the best decision. Slow and steady often wins the race, so the process doesn’t need to be rushed.


Strategize Well, Execute Better

Strategies are only as strong as how well they are executed. You cannot have one without the other, so we seek to find the perfect balance between developing winning strategies and being able to bring them to life in order to achieve real, meaningful results.


Give More Than You Take

The more we’re able to give towards your mission, the more we'll all be able to create positive change. We believe that if we support others and give as much as we possibly can, then we'll be able to lift up others and all go farther together.


Less Really Is More

Sometimes the creative, outside-of-the-box, solutions aren’t the most impactful. Most people share the same goals, motivations, and desires and face the same challenges and frustrations. Often, the best approach is the one you don’t have to go digging too far for.

Meet our crew

Samantha Mears

Samantha Mears

Brand Manager
Pittsburgh, PA
Doug Sirkoch

Doug Sirkoch

Marketing Manager
Gulf Shores, AL
Emerson Brown

Emerson Brown

Brand + Product Designer
Charlotte, NC
Alexa Anastas

Alexa Anastas

Growth Manager
Pittsburgh, PA
Kylie Ohlmiller

Kylie Ohlmiller

Digital Marketing Specialist
Rochester, NY
Andrew Gregory

Andrew Gregory

COO + Partner
Pittsburgh, PA
Alanna Smith

Alanna Smith

CBO + Co-Founder
Evergreen, CO
Davis Smith

Davis Smith

CEO + Co-Founder
Evergreen, CO

Interested in helping us build and grow brands? Shoot us an email at careers@uproute.com


We join like-minded individuals who are fully committed to making a difference through their work. We want to help support founders who are driven to improve the world around them.

We dive deep and seek clarity

It's important to us that we uncover the biggest opportunities throughout your company. Regardless what we've been hired for initially, we take initiative to learn as much as we can about your business so we can proceed with utmost confidence that what we're delivering makes sense for your long term goals.

WE keep it casual

We want to have a good time working together. While we value all the serious work we do, we also value being able to build strong relationships with clients and partners who we would love to grab a beer (or two) with. We believe this closeness and chill atmosphere breeds the best work.

We play the infinite game

There's no rush to the finish line. Business isn't a zero sum game - we believe there are infinite opportunities to create value in this world, and everyone can win. We don't stress too much about competition, because it's a long journey and we're focused on competing with ourselves: so we can be better tomorrow.

We place brand at the center

Our philosophy revolves around developing a brand system and experience that can permeate throughout every aspect of a company. A brand is a lot deeper than it looks on the surface. Your brand determines your every action as a company: what you say, do, and think in order to achieve a collective vision.

They Truly want companies to succeed and that makes all the difference.

“UpRoute exceeded my expectations. Although they are great at what they do, what sets them apart most is their passion. They truly want the companies they work with to succeed and that makes all the difference. They go farther than the extra mile.”

Olivia Suchko
Founder, Olive

They have taken the time to better understand our company objectives.

“It is my pleasure to recommend UpRoute to any company that is looking to establish or grow their ecommerce business. They have taken the time to better understand our company objectives, our products and our end consumers extensively.”

Tom Berg
Director of Marketing, Shoreline Fruit

I don’t even have the words to describe what they have done for me.

"These are my people! I don’t even have the words to describe what they have done for me both personally and professionally over the past year. They are truly amazing at what they do!"

Carnie Datres
Founder, Kitchen Repose

they are my favorite partners!

“First and foremost, UpRoute does really good work. We're really happy with the results that we get. But in addition to that, they are my favorite partners! They look out for our best interests and are very capable in what they do.”

Michelle Yoder
Chief Operating Officer, Justifacts

Time and time again the team never ceases to amaze me.

“Time and time again the team never ceases to amaze me. Their advice and direction has been phenomenal! Consider them next time you’re in the market to build a website or an online presence for your company.”

Rob Agate
Owner, Agate Management

This is not just a digital agency, they are part of our team

“UpRoute creates great work, communicates to the highest degree and provides more value than I could begin to explain. This is not just a digital agency, they are part of our team. I would recommend them to anyone!”

Lucas Boyd
CEO & Co-Founder, Before It's Too Late

UpRoute is AWESOME to work with.

“UpRoute is awesome to work with. Their attention to detail is a significant improvement over some of the ongoing mistakes that were previously being made to my site. If you're considering a web designer, look no further!”

Dean Watkins
President, Dog Guard

We go further when we go together