Grow Your Business With These 8 Email Marketing Ideas


June 22, 2017




Andrew Gregory


Email marketing is the most cost-effective and reliable way to engage with customers so here are some tips to get the most out of the platform. Make the content you send valuable to each person receiving the emails. Welcome new members and automate the sending of emails when possible. Then continue to monitor the response and grow your list.

1. Get Started

Start with something simple, then expand to the more detailed ideas below.

2. Give Value

Give content of value to those on your email list. Do not only ask for the sale. Teach them about your industry and share details about your business. Providing valuable content is essential for creating trust.

3. Be Consistent

Send emails at least monthly. If you are providing relevant and valuable content then it will not feel overbearing. This is the second part of building trust.

4. Automate

You are already providing value on your blog. Now it is time to share this with your email list. Use your blog content by automating the process so each new blog post is automatically sent by email.

5. Welcome New Members

Create a series of emails to welcome new subscribers to the email list. Give them discounts, share details about your story, and make them feel good about who you are. Then automate it so that each new member receives this series over the first few weeks and months.

6. Segment

Group subscribers based on their interests, order history, demographics, and source. Then use these groups to send the most relevant content to each person.

7. Learn

The best thing about email marketing is the ease of running tests. Try different subject lines, offers, and content. Then adjust your strategy to build off of the most successful tests.

8. Brand & Optimize

Update your email templates so it reflects your branding. While you are at it, make sure the template is responsive so it works no matter what device your subscribers use for reading email.

9. Grow

Now that the content and automation are in place, it is time to grow the list. Create marketing campaigns and events to reach new prospective customers. Entice them to sign up for your emails by showing them the value you give.